Boris Kosak · reviews

„His music is warm, quirky, and highly original.”
— Crescendo

“Occupying that mid-range between avantgard and classical music, Boris Kosak is a composer to listen, watch, taste and smell, as much for his audacity as for his conception.”
— Fono forum

“His roots and experiences from the East, West, North, and the South are expressed in the more mysterious, dark and experimental way through his orchestra. Kosak shows that he likes to be risky, to be immersed in the unknown in order to pull out something about what the least we can say is that has his own stamp.”
— Concerto

“Lovers of hard-to-cathegorize artists must have their ears burning right now.”
— Gramophone

“The most challenging piece in the collection is the work by Boris Kosak TUSCH who contributed his guidance to this premiere performance. The fire and passion of the outer movements are wonderfully balanced by an almost prayerful central movement, characterized by unexpected orchestration that are both technically clever and richly ambiguous in the best poetic sense.”
— Orchester

“This is tonal music, rich in invention and melody, emotionally direct, and beautiful…experienced, subtle, and wise craftsmanship yielding musically satisfying results … Kosak has a well-developed programmatic sense, unerringly employing the musical  mot juste  to draw his portraits.”
— Fanfare

“Kosak’s own six-movement SUITE ROYALE signaled an ingenious and arresting  compositional voice … SUITE ROYALE is a fine addition to the classical piano repertoire.”
— Piano review

“BLACK FOREST for orchestra struck me as a rich tone poem, striving, passionate,hopeful. It  reflects brilliant intellect in combination with brilliant sensitivity on the part of Mr. Kosak… Mr. Kosak combines them freely, openly, honestly. The result is a sparkling work using new and  imaginative combinations of instruments, with dissonances that were not so much strong for effect as they were subtle setups for warm and satisfying resolutions.”
— Westport News

“These pieces (HORS D’OEUVRE D’UN FAUNE and RoyaLISZT) are far superior to almost anything else being written for piano today. Not many composers manage to be equally satisfying to the hands, the ear and  the mind as Kosak has.”
— Piano Review
“Life cycle“ is an original and profoundly personal work …powerful and  moving music.”
— Soundboard

“It is refreshing to find a work of such imagination and ingenuity that could be enjoyed by all  types of listeners. In fact, virtually every aspect of Black Forest supports the  contention that a composer needn’t sacrifice originality and quality for accessibility … a work of  exquisite beauty.”
— Intro

“The result is easily accessible to the average listener, regardless of his musical sophistication,  even though it’s a sound the like of which he has never heard before.”
— Taktlos

“Kosak’s music, particularly his orchestral music, fairly explodes with an extroverted boldness of utterance, audiences and musicians alike find challenging yet immediate. It’s music that doesn’t sound like anybody else’s ・music that insists you pay attention.”
— Classica

“Mr. Kosak has vivid ear for instrumental color.”
— Pizzicato

“Kosak, a prodigious talent, is the most accessible ambassador of the new modernism, and the piece shines with passion and color.”
— Fono Forum

“Kosak’s piece … was about 11 minutes of boldly considered music that celebrated the sound of the instruments and seemed to reaffirm the vitality of orchestral music in general.”
— The Independent
“… his music … is evocative and shows a well-developed feeling for, and a mastery of, orchestral colors.”
— Neue Musikzeitung

“Kosak has more experience with orchestra than others and it shows in an unmistakable air of knowing what he wants to say and how to say it. Balances work, blends succeed. There is a powerful lyrical instinct at work, resulting in some well sustained melodic lines.”
— la Repubblica

” KING ARTHUR’S TABLE MUSIC is one of the most compelling new works this listener has heard recently.”
— Der Standard

“It seems that with every new piece by Boris Kosak one has occasion to remark that this is a gifted young composer who will be heard from. It happens again.”
— Die Welt

“…Kosak has created in BLACK FOREST an original and powerful work — intense yet aglow with lovely lyric undercurrents.”
— American Record Guide

“(a composer) with one common characteristic: Talent for creating musical gestures far bigger, more colorful and varied than the means at hand would suggest. His  SUITE ROYALE demands sweat and earnestness from its piano soloist…. The work suggests a deep interior experience that hasn’t been fully externalized. Skill is evident, with unmistakable decisiveness.”
— Fanfare

“Credit Boris Kosak … with translating his own enthusiasm for new music into a consistent artistic vision.”
— Schweizer Musikzeitung

“Kosak’s music mixes extraordinary clarity and elegance with a bold resonant vitality. Its inventiveness, its lyric turns seem almost magically sustained; and, unfailingly, result in a beautiful immediacy.”
— Tagesspiegel

“…a finely honed song cycle…”
— Darmstadter Echo

“….one of the finest achievements of a rising star”