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Boris Kosak PRESS KIT English

„As a child, I wanted to create something that would make the world better and more beautiful. I believed that composing music could be my contribution. Later I felt that this beauty does not have to be created because it already exists deep within us and only needs to be made visible or audible to others. I became a composer. 

If we let music into our lives, our fast-paced world decelerates and we get the opportunity to touch some “really” important things: the timelessness and the eternity behind the material world. Welcome on an exciting journey into the realm of my music!“

(Boris Kosak)

“Mussorgsky Recomposed” concerto grosso:

MOZART UNCENSORED for string orchestra

“Variazioni sul un tema di Paganini” from the 2nd piano concerto:

feat. Chinese piano star Shen Wenyu:

“Waltz” from VIENNA SYMPHONY Nr. 3

STRACCIA-CELLO in Sagrada Familia, Barcelona:

feat. Bolshoi Theatre Soloists:

MOUVEMENTS DE L’ÂME for piano solo

SINFONIA IN G Nr. 1, 1st movement:

Symphonic poem BLACK FOREST: